For us there is nothing more exciting than announcing platform updates and here in this blog post we have a host of other announcements, so read on for all the details.

If you’ve noticed the change to a new logo; yes, we can officially announce Level01 will be undergoing a global rebranding across all our social media networks and website, towards a greater user experience for all our users.

You will see more informative blog posts and articles, trading strategies to maximize winnings using our platform, and video content from talents in the industry.


V2.0 Features

Liquidity Pool Staking with Pool Rewards

With the upcoming addition of 50+ assets/markets, we have developed a staking program with enhanced yield returns to support the additional liquidity required for these markets.

An algorithmic market maker will utilize the liquidity pool to provide dynamic contract positions into the markets allowing for greater liquidity with almost instant matching times.

Users can stake supported stablecoins and receive above industry standard returns, with the additional option to improve their yield percentage by adding our platform utility token to their stake.

Additionally, one-third of revenues generated from the liquidity pool will be rewarded to all pool contributors on a prorated distribution basis.

Complete details on our Staking feature will be provided in its own blog article.

Structured Contracts/Positions

Our upcoming platform update will structure contracts into fixed denominations of $10 or $100 per contract depending on the market being traded. This enables greater efficiency and partial filling of orders which now consist of multiple similar position contracts grouped together.

Limit and Market type orders allow users to set their price preference for entering a position, while our proprietary FairSense™ type order dynamically updates its price offering according to the underlying market movement, creating greater liquidity and price protection for our users.

As part of our initiative to make it simpler for investors to trade options, all contract positions are launched to a curated list of structured contracts according to investors’ risk appetite, market preference and fund availability.

Investors can review and filter this list directly from the platform’s home screen or markets section; enabling 1-tap access to enter their desired trade position.


Level01 has reinvested significant portion of funds raised in 2020/21 towards all the V2.0 functionalities that will be launched soon.

This is our commitment to ensure the platform is well positioned in becoming a market leader in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space, with features suited to both retail and institutional users, bridging both B2C (for direct clients) and B2B (for partnerships).