It is easy to get started. If you are new to Level01, you should first download our app and read through our guide here. Once your app is downloaded and you have set up your wallet, follow the instructions below:

  1. Transfer the amount you wish to stake in any of the supported stablecoins to your Tradeline. This will enable the platform to allocate your currencies towards the staking smart contracts.
  2. After your currencies are in your Tradeline, open the Menu > Staking section to begin.
  1. Select a Staking Plan. Tap the New Stake button to begin. There are three plans to select from, with different annual percentage returns (APR%) and lock-in timeframes. Choose either: 1. Stable Plan – 12 ARP%, minimum duration 45 days; 2. Standard Plan – 10-14 ARP%, minimum duration 60 days; or 3. High Growth Plan – 8-18% ARP%, minimum duration 90 days.
  1. Enter Amount of USDT to Stake you wish to stake, minimum is 10 USDT. Input the amount and tap Review Stake to see a summary of all the stake details. In this input amount screen, you can stake Level01’s native token LVX to upgrade your APR% returns. When you stake LVX, you can increase your APR% at a rate of +1% per 7,000 LVX staked. The system allows for a maximum of +7% for 49,000 LVX. You can choose to upgrade at any time, and the increased APR% will reflect on the next daily calculation. Learn how to purchase the LVX token here.
  1. Confirm Stake. In the Review Stake screen, check the details of your stake and tap Confirm Stake to commit to the plan. You can go back to change any details if necessary.

That is all and you just sit back while your cryptos earn money for you with lucrative returns, passive income at it’s best.

Read more about our staking program here.