Now is the time to rethink livelihood and income streams. The money you have set aside in your savings account isn’t earning much interest, and rental yields are at an all-time low. Some days, you even question job security amid the doom and gloom of the pandemic.

Here we offer you insights into crypto staking and how it can yield better returns versus traditional investment forms. We also explore why crypto staking on Level01 is better than any other platform out there and how it can consistently earn you a lifetime of passive income.


What is Crypto Staking? How is it 10x Better than Savings or Property Rental?

Is crypto staking truly more profitable than savings and property rental yields? Yes, and more: it offers better returns and flexibility. And that is why you need to be staking now.

Staking is comparable to depositing money in a bank, in that an investor locks up their digital assets, and in exchange, earns rewards or “interest.”

The network locks up an investor’s holdings, and investors agree not to withdraw it for a set period, which benefits the network in two ways.

First, this will boost the value of a crypto coin by limiting the supply. Second, the coin can be used to govern the blockchain if the network uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) system. PoS is similar to crypto mining because it helps a network achieve consensus while rewarding users who participate. In PoS systems, coins are staked to forge new blocks in the blockchain (not mined like in proof-of-work or PoW systems). This means that the investor who holds these coins becomes an integral part of the network and earns a reward in the form of new coins. The more coins this investor owns, the more “mining power”, i.e. the more ability to validate block transactions are granted, thereby giving the investor more returns.

Sounds complicated? If you are new to crypto staking, you’d only need to understand that the PoS and PoW systems keep the network running smoothly. They provide a substantial financial reward for those who take the mining and transaction validation work involved.

For a new crypto staker, platforms like Level01 make it easy for you to convert cash into crypto, which you can stake for lucrative returns on investment. It is a lot better than what bank savings interest rates and property rental yields can generate. Odds are, the most generous savings account is only paying you 1-2% APR. Your property rental yield is probably averaging around 2.5% too. It can barely cover the atrocious inflation rate in most countries.

In comparison, even the least generous staking crypto coins outperform the banks with more than a 5% yield. Coins like Tezos (XTZ) and Cosmos (ATOM) generate a yield of 5.69% and 7.8%, respectively. Some coins can even go between 10% -20% APR.

Returns on investment from staking depend on the total amount staked, duration, stability of the coin and security of a platform. Unlike properties or long-term bank fixed deposits, you enjoy flexibility in terms of choosing the period of your stake. Staking gives you complete freedom on how you want your money to work. It is faster than liquidating your property or waiting for the maturity of your fixed deposit term to withdraw your cash and more worthwhile in terms of the returns.

However, crypto is notoriously volatile. You need to understand how to select the right coin or token and staking platform to protect your investment. We will show you what you need to look out for and why Level01 gives you the best and most rewarding platform to grow your wealth for the long run.


Why Level01 is the Best Crypto-Staking Platform

Level01 is an investor’s favourite, thanks to the excellent features coupled with a great track record for innovation and performance. Established in Hong Kong in 2018 and largely credited to being the best AI-guided DeFI Financial Trading platform, Level01 has consistently won many investors. Level01’s proprietary artificial intelligence, FairSense AI, has helped many investors trade better and make significant profits, even during a volatile bull market.

Level01’s latest crypto-staking feature offers one of the highest returns on investment in the industry . More on this and all the other reasons why you should be choosing Level01 here:


Global Partners and Regulators Trust Level01

Giants in the financial world, namely Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, AG-Delta and Digifinex, have been partners with Level01 on its journey to enhance the traditional and DeFi scene for years now. These partners trust Level01 because of the company’s dedication to quality and sustainable financial performance.

Level01 is also probably the first DeFi platform to qualify for an STO conducted on Fusang Exchange, Asia’s first digital securities exchange, licensed in Labuan, Malaysia as a Securities Exchange under Part IX, Section 134 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act (LFSSA). Passing the stringent requirements and audit of an STO demonstrates the credibility and legitimacy of Level01.

These partnerships and a growing list of licenses have always been part of Level01’s plan to bring credibility and trust to the platform. Unlike large global crypto platforms like Bitmex who ran into trouble with regulations, Level01’s commitment to total regulation and compliance means your investment is always in safe hands. For investors looking for a regulated, secure, stable and proven platform, Level01’s staking feature is a safe and trusted option to help you avoid investment risks.


Staking on Level01 Gives You Guaranteed Returns

Leve01’s uncompromising commitment to quality means that only the most trustworthy coins for staking are offered to investors. The company’s staking is in stablecoins, so you are protected from volatile market prices. Currently, Level01 offers USDT, but in future, stakers can expect other stablecoins like USDC, TUSD and BUSD. You pledge stablecoins to Level01’s Staking plan to automatically receive guaranteed returns per your chosen plan.

Unlike scams or hyped-up alternate coins like Titan, OneCoin, BitConnect, BoringCoin, Dogecoin, Tron, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond and etc, which climbed to all-time highs and crashed, stablecoins offer steady guaranteed returns. Yields from stablecoins will allow you to sleep at night without any worry.


Level01 Gives Stakers One of the Highest Payout in the Market

The more cryptos you stake, the higher the rewards you receive. Considering that your crypto rewards are distributed automatically, you will get a good amount of passive income without having to lift a finger.

There are three good staking plans on Level01: the Stable Plan, which offers 12 APR% for a minimum duration of 45 days, Standard Plan with 10-14 APR% for 60 days, and lucrative High Growth Plan with an astounding return of up to 18 APR% within 90 days. These are some of the highest and most rewarding yields you can hope to find in the market.

Annual Percentage Return (APR%) are essentially Yields and are calculated daily (updated at 00:00 UTC time). Returns are non-compounding and calculated based on the original staked amount value.



Staking cryptocurrency is an attractive way to diversify your portfolio. With attractive yields that perform better than bank interest rates and property rental income, your recurring returns on investment can last a lifetime.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to select a safe, trusted and intelligent platform. Level01 checks out in all the boxes. Qualified for an STO and trusted by global financial giants and lauded by Forbes and Investing for innovation, you can be sure that your investment will be safe. Coupled with Level01’s innovative approach to crypto staking, and the highest payouts for staking in the market, your investment is guaranteed to be rewarding.

Read here to learn how to stake on Level01.