Welcome to the Fairer, More Profitable Way to Trade Options!
Level01 is Initially Open with Peer to Peer Binary Contract Trading

Unique Features

  • Trades and settlement are direct and peer-to-peer, receive profits directly to your independent blockchain wallet.
  • FairSense AI fair value pricing and guidance allows you to know exact risk/reward when buying or creating a contract.
  • Trade in multitude of markets (Forex – major trading pairs, Commodities – Gold, Silver and Digital Currencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple)
  • Live market data from Thomson Reuters.


  • App usage is done at the user’s own risk.
  • All settlements are conducted on Ethereum Ropsten (Testnet) as is the hosting of in-app blockchain wallet.
    • Do not utilize testnet wallet as functioning wallet and do not store off-platform tokens beyond those provided by the platform within the wallet during the beta phase.
    • All LVX tokens within the testnet carry no value and cannot be transferred from the testnet wallet for off platform utilization.

Please note:
Due to unforeseen connectivity issues arising within certain countries, the Level01 App is currently not accessible to resident traders.
That said, the Level01 team is currently working diligently to restore access to the affected traders as part of our commitment to decentralized finance.